Second Period (Read: A Waste of Time)

There is a class where I literally don’t do anything. This class is good for writing on my blog with a computer rather than a phone, charging said phone, and eating an early snack-meal. I absolutely hate it. Well what did I expect with a class called “Plant Soil”. I’m surprised that it even counts as a science credit. I’m getting credit for sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing. I’m not entirely sure whether or not I mind that. What I do mind is being here at all when the teacher isn’t even here half the time. When I come to this class I think about how I should have taken physics. It would have actually been intellectually stimulating and there would actually be some sort of structure or point to all of this.

I can’t complain too much though. At least I have friends in this class, at least there are computers (though half of them run on internet explorer and most of the have the buttons switched around), at least I’m getting an “A”, at least I’m getting the science credit that I need to graduate.

I get a lot of writing done in this class too. I just log into docs, and tune out from everybody else, and then I’m good to go. Maybe I’ll post some more of my Plant Soil musings. I’m more of a rant blogger a lot of the time though. Still, maybe.

I hate being here. I want to just leave most days, but the one day I did that he took double role.

So I’m stuck here. I guess I’ll work on my oratory for Debate. Whatever.

Much love and Adieu,

Miss Lizzy Vine


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