Rules of Dating: Things to tell Him Before you go to the movies together

Just so you know I did end up going on a date with the guy that I was absolutely crazy for and instead of writing about the experience I’m just going to tell you the list I came up with for our movie date just so he would have a fair warning (not that I actually gave him this list):
-I’m going to talk the whole time.
-If I’m not talking and you try to say something I will tell you to shut up.
-I’m attracted to the men in this film.
-I’m not getting up to get popcorn refills.
-I’m going to finish all of the popcorn during the credits and want more.
-I’ll probably only eat the top layer of the second tub of popcorn.
-I slurp. Like really loudly.
-When I offer you some of my candy that really just means I want some of yours.
-I have a weird laugh.
-No seriously. A weird laugh.
-The armrest is for me.
-If you let me put my head on your shoulder I might fall asleep.
-If I fall asleep on you, I probably love you.
-But I’m not going to make out with you in the theatre.

Of course I had the best time and I really got to know him which is kind of the important part. We actually have a lot in common. And no he’s not in love with me, and yes we’re still friends.


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