Second Period (Read: A Waste of Time)

There is a class where I literally don’t do anything. This class is good for writing on my blog with a computer rather than a phone, charging said phone, and eating an early snack-meal. I absolutely hate it. Well what did I expect with a class called “Plant Soil”. I’m surprised that it even counts […]

Mr. Cardoza and that Black Turtle-Necked Sweater

Mr. Cardoza when you wear that black turtle-necked sweater you look like a poet with something profound and transcendent ripping at your soul smooth jazz at your fingertips and an emergency stash of coffee at the bottom of your desk. Mr. Cardoza when school is over, and sometimes even when it’s not, you sneak to […]

Rules of Dating: Things to tell Him Before you go to the movies together

Just so you know I did end up going on a date with the guy that I was absolutely crazy for and instead of writing about the experience I’m just going to tell you the list I came up with for our movie date just so he would have a fair warning (not that I […]