Life, Love, The Universe, and… NaNoWriMo?

Sorry guys, it’s been a crazy month and I have completely neglected my blog, but never fear! I am back. NaNoWriMo helped me to realize a lot of things about myself.
Firstly, I am not meant for long term projects. Novels, screenplays, full length plays,longer works and such are just not my thing. Even having a blog is an unbearable commitment for me (no I am not deleting the blog!). I am strictly a one shot, short story, flash fiction, short poem, stand-alone scene type of girl. I like to spend more time plotting and editing than writing. That being said I am not at all going to discard everything I learned about novel writing. In fact the elements of novel writing will be essential to my shorter works. Let me explain.
You see I was joking with one of my friends that if I took all of my novel ideas, developed them endlessly and then only wrote one scene I would be golden. Then I realized that it wasn’t a half bad idea. If I did that it would be quick, engaging, easier to commit to, and would provide a lot of solid backstory and “after-story” which would support the idea that my characters’ lives exist outside of the page which I would absolutely love.
So as I embark on my new and decided course of writing I hope for the best. I will of course continue to post my exploits and even some of my works.
Wish me luck and wish me love, but of course that’s another story. Adieu.
~Miss Elizabeth Alice Vine


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