Cherry–his Favourite

Nobody could say that Tanner was not physically appealing to look at, he was he definitely was. Especially during the summer when he did his chores. You see it was hot, very hot, and Tanner, being your average hick, only owned flannel shirts, so more often than not he would go without. He was about three years older than me, but that didn’t stop me from sitting on the porch every morning at ten to watch him pull the lawn mower across his yard. Most days I would convince my parents to pay him to mow our lawn too, just so I could watch the sweat build up on his bare chest making him all shiny and sexy. He seemed to do it with a smile almost and that made him even more attractive. Then he would finish and smile at me and say in his southern twang ‘Can I help you with anything else, Miss Daisy?’ Then I would blush and look down and mumble that maybe he could help me feed the chickens, even though I was fully capable of doing it myself. He knew I could do it too, but he helped me anyway. When we finished I’d ask him to tend the horses with me, even go riding once in a while, and check the tomato plants, and any chore that was or even wasn’t mine. I didn’t want him to leave, but eventually of course he had to. He would wipe his forehead saying ‘well that was a mighty fine day’s work,’ muss my hair, and then go home. I would go inside, wash up and start baking a pie–cherry, his favourite. Mama would always say that I was so in love with that boy, and I would pretend to not know what she meant. After dinner I would bring the pie to his doorstep, mumbling a quick thanks for all his help. I always hoped that the cherry pies would make him fall in love with me, but the most I ever got was that kiss on the cheek the day he started going steady with Ashlibelle, and though I hoped it would happen again, it never did. They eventually broke up, and he went with other girls. He moved out, moved back, bought the house off of his parents, got married, got divorced, but the one thing that stayed constant was my pies–cherry, his favourite.


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