The Great Game

So of course I let my competitive nature get the better of me and I am now involved in a NaNoWriMo competition with Writ Wrot. And even worse our goal is 60,000 words. I hate my competitive nature. I swear between swim, work, Sadie’s, Speech/Debate, regular school classes, and being a human being I am going to kill myself next month. Don’t pull my carcass off of the desktop, it’s thinking. That being said, in really going to need some support if I’m going to win (which I am). You can check the word count and progress on either of our pages (for mine you have to scroll down to under the last visible post and you’ll see the widget), and I wouldn’t terribly mind if you would in your own way give me a little bit of extra assurance and love.
Here’s to me and the Great Game that is NaNoWriMo.


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