Life, times, stress, and of course Boys

Ask what stresses me out and I will start to talk (or type) a mile a minute. I just, I don’t know how to get it all in. I’m not special or anything, I know that everybody deals with stress, but I spend so much time stressing over things that don’t matter and over thinking things so that I become more stressed than I actually should be. But I’ll jut talk about recent stresses and try to keep it brief.
Boys. It’s cliche, but I stress myself out most over boys. I’d say boy but its two. There’s one on the swim team who just… I just… He has the best smile and he’s the nicest person ever and I just can’t not smile when I talk to him (I can’t even not smile by writing this). I over think everything he does and that just drives me crazy. Like how he says hi to me every time I should be invisible. Or how he smiles at me for no reason sometimes or how sometimes I have stupid experiences and he somehow has a relatable story and doesn’t think in a total retard. He just makes me so crazy (like that Taylor Swift song).
And if course there is the other boy who I just can’t help having a crush on even though there are a few billion logical reasons that I shouldn’t. The biggest being HE JUST ISN’T INTO ME!!!! He hasn’t said it outright or anything but I just have a feeling. Thy doesn’t stop me from wanting to be around him and talk to him and things like that. Because it’s not a crime right? And then just over analyzing that question alone makes me go completely crazy.
Of course there are a lot of things stressing me out and maybe it’s not healthy, and maybe it almost is, but this is my biggest cause of stress right now. Of course I have friends that tell me to breathe and to relax and think logically, but that so isn’t me at all. Luckily better days are coming… I just don’t know when.


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