Puppy Love, Please Don’t be Afraid- Critiques Welcome

I’m sorry; I don’t know how to be shy.
Please don’t be afraid.

I don’t know I want–
I don’t know
But just wrap me around your finger until it turns blue.

I’m in love with puppy love
so can we have puppy love?
Don’t be afraid.

I know that I’m crazy,
but please just deal.
I forgot how to feel
how to do innocent
how to be innocent
or at all.

If you can understand me,
understand the subtext,
that I only want to be around you
only want to talk with you a little
only want to have you for a while
in a way that I hope will never be serious
in a way that I hope will never be real.

I am afraid of anything real,
of anything bigger than myself.
Even though I keep trying to tell myself:
“Don’t be afraid.”

Just sit with me
be with me
smile at me.
I live to be adored so adore me.
Adore me.

I’m sorry; I tried so hard to be shy.

Let me be open, let me be blunt:
I puppy love you,
nothing more, nothing less,
and I want you to puppy love me
more than anything else in the world.

Please don’t be afraid


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