The Bus Driver

I’ve said in the past that I’m a very passionate person, and that I’m passionate about things that seem really stupid, but here I go. Today the thing that has taken me past my boiling point: My Bus Driver. Not the bus driver himself, but the way that people on the bus treat him. It isn’t just passing comments I hear from other people, it’s my neighbors, friends, even my own sister. I just can’t stand it! They’re just so rude.

When the school year started the only thing people knew about our bus driver was that he was brand new which made no difference to me seeing as I was brad new as well. I don’t think from day one, but from week one my sister, and I’m sure all of her friends who sat in the very back of the bus, hated him. I don’t know why. At dinner one day my sister told my mom that he was rude and grumpy. I cut in by saying he was nothing less than perfectly polite to me, I said good morning good afternoon and thank you to him everyday and he reciprocated, calling me by name and sometimes asking about my day. I thought this would be proof to her that you get what you give and since I was giving kindness I was receiving the same.

Despite my comment in the coming weeks my sister and her friends continued to make comments such as “Where did he get his bus license?” And “I could do a better job than him.” Whenever he was late to either the bus stop in the morning or school in the afternoon, I would hear comments of “there’s the stupid bus driver! Why can’t he get here on freaking time!” One day there were bugs on the windows because the windows had been left open the night before. My sister and her friends took off their shoes and smashed the bugs, and when he asked them not to they grumbled and whispered to each other “maybe if he had done his job and closed the windows last night…” The next day when the bug guts were still on the window they said “freaking retard can’t even clean the windows?” I slowly got closer and closer to pissed. I tried telling my sister that she really should respect the bus driver and that it was bothering me how she was so rude. Nothing.

We find ourselves only two months into the school year learning thy this is our bus driver’s last week. Oh the comments: “fired?” “No moving.” “Still thank goodness he’s leaving.” That last comment comes up a lot. “He can’t even drive up two inches to where we are? Thank goodness he’s leaving.” “He’s supposed to be her at 57, it’s 59. Thank goodness he’s leaving” “I swear he doesn’t know how to drive a bus. Thank goodness he’s leaving and good riddance!”

I on the other hand am sad to see him go. He’s a kind person who deserves a lot more than he was getting, and I wish him luck with his family and future.


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