The Lunchtime Roar

When you and your lunch friend dot really talk, just eat silently and look at your own phones, the monotonous background roar becomes a sort fascinating and welcome sound. Especially for one afraid of silence. Very afraid. You begin to imagine what everybody could be talking about. What are the little noises that make up the bigger noises that make up the roar? Is the girl with high pitched voice still talking about homecoming two weeks late? Is the guy talking to himself actually having a conversation or is he just rehearsing a monologue? That girl who rides in everyday in her beat up van and Dr Martins? She looks like she’s making plans for that super alternative indie concert that everybody else is just not cool enough for. And of course there are the people singing along to whatever is in their headphones. Attention whores or actually lost in the music? You can’t really tell. And then the bell rings, you say goodbye and wonder: What will everybody be talking about tomorrow?


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