I Dreamed a Dream- Les Miserables 10th Anniversary

Dreams. I dream. I dream a lot. In the famous “to be or not to be” speech Hamlet says “to sleep perchance to dream” a permutation of words that I find highly beautiful. I dreamed a dream of time gone by and anybody who understands that reference deserves to dream sweetly for the rest of forever. But maybe that’s nobody so dream on, God speed sweet dreams, and any dream will do. If you’re feeling lucky you can even dream a little dream on me. But if you do just remember that a dream is a wish your heart makes. Really, though, I am looking for the dream I long to find. Now enough of these lame dream sig references, on to my own dreams.

I dream a lot about people who don’t care about me as much as much as I care about them. I dream about by people I love and people who have hurt me. I even dream about myself in realistic situations at times. I once had a dream that our eyes changed and the world too. I dream about babies a lot because I love babies. Beautiful babies that are all mine. Sometimes I have nightmares of me messing up on stage and I find that highly terrifying. My voice has sucked and cracked so many times on dream stage that I’ve almost lost hope. Sometimes my dreams inspire novels that I am resolved to write someday.

What does this say about me? I care a lot and sometimes I care too much. I love children and the child in me. I live the stage and would give my life and soul for it. I love to see things in a new way. Most of all I have a beautiful and creative mind. And what do I think of? Nothing more than me myself and I.


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