A meaningful poem

A meaningful poem

When I was a freshman my poetry teacher asked to choose a favourite poem and present it to the class. We had a week for this assignment. Then on Teusday morning (the day it was due) I picked up my Best Love Poems book opened to a random page and voila! At first I just liked it because I like Emily Dickenson and also other superficial reasons, but after really reading the poem I fell in love with it. I love the sun and when I’m in love with a person I tend to do what the daisy does because I want to be near him. I am in fact enamoured of the parting west and love is sweet!
Emily Dickenson was born in 1830 and died in 1886 both in Amherst Massachussetts. Both of the men that she is said to have loved were married and after a tragic loss she secluded herself in her home wearing white dresses. Few of her poems were actually titled in her lifetime. Personal Speculation: She and Edgar Allen Poe would have made perfect secret lovers had they been alive simultaneously.


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